What You Need To Know Before Buying Wooden Window Blinds

Wooden window blinds are often considered old fashioned. When it comes to window coverings and privacy, most modern homeowners utilize plastic or paper blinds. Wooden blinds are definitely not as popular as they used to be. While there are many great arguments for all of the non-wood materials on the market, there are still some very attractive things about owning wooden window blinds. This article looks at a few of the main things you should consider before you invest in a wooden product.

The Price

First of all, wooden window blinds are going to be far more expensive than the thin paper blinds that are used so often. Not only does the product cost more, it will probably be more expensive to install and require more maintenance in the long run. If you have to spend time and money maintaining your wooden blinds over the years, you need to consider this when evaluating the product. If you aren't willing to spend a little extra time and money on maintenance, you should stay away from wood.

The Maintenance

The main issue with maintaining wooden blinds is the fact that wood is not necessarily waterproof. This means that it can get damaged if it gets too wet. Also, over time the finish on the wooden blades can wear off due to sun exposure. This becomes a problem if there is dew buildup on your windows. The individual blinds can warp and crack, so that they are not easy to use. It's also important to point out that wooden blinds, unlike the rest of the wooden furniture around your home, are not going to be very easy to refinish. It's a huge hassle because you would need to stain around the drawstrings. So, most people just choose to install new blinds rather than try to refinish their old ones.

The Operation

Another possible drawback to owning wooden blinds is that they weigh more than most other products. This means that drawing the blinds, as well as opening and closing the blades, can be hard to do. And, this is particularly true on large windows. It can be hard to pull up wooden blinds on large windows. Paper, plastic, and vinyl blinds are much lighter and easier to operate.

Even though there are a few issues to work out with wooden blinds, it is harder to find a material that looks as good as wood.   

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